Massage KittensSo, last year my wife and I signed up for memberships at our local Massage Envy. We did this on a whim, but the prices were alright for the two of us and they offered a lot of nice services.

Fast forward seven months later and I am loving the massages there! I’m a deep tissue kind of guy, requiring special attention to my neck, shoulders, and back thanks to my line of work (heavy computer usage!). I found a great therapist that gives the absolute best deep tissue therapy, which have on occasion brought me to tears but the the relief felt afterwards was worth the pain.

I’ve stuck with my therapist, Kristina, even as she moved to another location that is a little farther away. She’s also opened her own massage therapy business, which is great. Go Kristina!

Sony announced a Vita slim, if you will, for the Japan market (no word on a US release just yet). The Vita will undergo some cosmetic changes that make the hand-held lighter. One of those changes is replacing the Vita’s gorgeous OLED screen with an LCD screen. Videos have emerged comparing the two screens and I have to say, I did not like what I see. There was a slight loss in clarity on the new LCD screen, and it appeared to look a little washed-out compared to the OLED model.

So with that being said, I decided to go out and buy an OLED model Vita before they potentially disappear from the shelves and/or increase in price due to possible rarity.

I’ve also picked up a 3 games so far: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational, and Touch My Katamari. I’ve also downloaded a bunch of free games thanks to my PlayStation Plus membership and purchased a few PSP and PSone games on top of that.

It’s a great system so far. I’ve really enjoyed the games on it as well as being able to watch Netflix and other various activities. Now I just need to get more games!