Apartment Humidity- A Pain In My Ass

Woo hoo! Insomnia again! Woke up hot as hell as it was jungle humid in our bedroom.

Here’s our ongoing problem: the apartment complex uses a larger chiller unit that runs cooled water and is then sent to the individual apartments themselves. Our A/C does not run on freon but chilled water to cool us. The problem is, as long as we’ve been here, we’ve had issues with humidity in our apartment.

We’ve called maintenance out here numerous times (I’ve lost count) and they always say the same thing – “A/C is working fine. Nothing we can do since it runs off of chilled water.” They know it gets hot in our unit as they gave us free ceiling fans for our two rooms (yeah, these units didn’t come with them!)

Now, once in a blue moon, the A/C actually works with no excess humidity. Again, that is a very rare occurrence. It’s a kick in the balls to walk out in the mornings to see my neighbors and all the nice layers of condensation on their windows. Nice COLD, DRY air does that when the humidity and heat outdoors is high. Doesn’t happen with us. I figure it gets as humid indoors as it is outdoors.

Oh yes, we own a dehumidifier. I’ve been running it regularly. That machine fills up quickly. It’s pretty effective at drying out the air in our rooms, but it does tend to make the rooms warmer. I wonder if  I stick it in front of the air intake in the hallway, would the dry air get sucked into the A/C and produce drier chilled air? Worth a shot I suppose. I just need a proper extension cord with a 3rd grounding plug.

I can only imagine what this humidity is doing to our belongings. I’ve got all my “important” books sealed in bags to prevent the pages from warping in humidity. I read the few magazines that I have subscriptions to at work to avoid having them exposed to the humidity here.

Ah well, we’re only here for 6 more months.

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