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Well, my first Let’s Play video turned out alright!

My commentary was a little low in spots, but overall I’m pleased with the outcome. Most importantly, I’m pleased with the performance of the PVR I picked up. It’s nice to do videos via HDMI and turn around and have them play in 1080p on Youtube. Composite signals come through a little weak, but that’s to be expected. The resulting video is a tad blurry and a bit on the pale side, color-wise. On some of my older consoles, I’m limited to composite, component, and S-Video, with the latter two being a bit better in terms of quality.

It’s a finicky device. It seems it requires a bit of warm-up time before it’ll start recording. If I want to record with HDMI, I need to plug in another video source to warm it up. The reverse is true if I want to record something in composite, component, or S-video. At first, I thought it was a hardware error, so I took the device back and swapped it out for another one and experienced the same results with that one as well. I then discovered, by dumb luck mind you, that it worked after fine after the warm up time.

By the way, the PVR I picked up was Diamond’s GC1000 HD PVR. I got it for about $140 at my local Micro Center here in Houston.

Diamond GC1000 HD Game Capture

Hiya folks!

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally gotten around to recording and uploaded my very first “Let’s Play” video, featuring Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition!

The zombie apocalypse genre is still going strong and I picked up Dead Island a few months ago based on a friend’s recommendation!

I LOVE this game! An open world zombie game? Hell yeah! I actually played through the game once with Xian Mei and then promptly started up a new game with Sam B. I think the only thing that would have made this game better would have been the ability to create our own characters like you could in games like Fallout 3, Mass Effect, and Skyrim! Hell, I even bought the game on Steam! That being said, I can’t wait to play Dead Island Riptide this spring!

Anyway, have fun laughing at me as I get mobbed by hordes of infected and beat a hasty retreat from them!