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Sony announced a Vita slim, if you will, for the Japan market (no word on a US release just yet). The Vita will undergo some cosmetic changes that make the hand-held lighter. One of those changes is replacing the Vita’s gorgeous OLED screen with an LCD screen. Videos have emerged comparing the two screens and I have to say, I did not like what I see. There was a slight loss in clarity on the new LCD screen, and it appeared to look a little washed-out compared to the OLED model.

So with that being said, I decided to go out and buy an OLED model Vita before they potentially disappear from the shelves and/or increase in price due to possible rarity.

I’ve also picked up a 3 games so far: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational, and Touch My Katamari. I’ve also downloaded a bunch of free games thanks to my PlayStation Plus membership and purchased a few PSP and PSone games on top of that.

It’s a great system so far. I’ve really enjoyed the games on it as well as being able to watch Netflix and other various activities. Now I just need to get more games!


Well, my first Let’s Play video turned out alright!

My commentary was a little low in spots, but overall I’m pleased with the outcome. Most importantly, I’m pleased with the performance of the PVR I picked up. It’s nice to do videos via HDMI and turn around and have them play in 1080p on Youtube. Composite signals come through a little weak, but that’s to be expected. The resulting video is a tad blurry and a bit on the pale side, color-wise. On some of my older consoles, I’m limited to composite, component, and S-Video, with the latter two being a bit better in terms of quality.

It’s a finicky device. It seems it requires a bit of warm-up time before it’ll start recording. If I want to record with HDMI, I need to plug in another video source to warm it up. The reverse is true if I want to record something in composite, component, or S-video. At first, I thought it was a hardware error, so I took the device back and swapped it out for another one and experienced the same results with that one as well. I then discovered, by dumb luck mind you, that it worked after fine after the warm up time.

By the way, the PVR I picked up was Diamond’s GC1000 HD PVR. I got it for about $140 at my local Micro Center here in Houston.

Diamond GC1000 HD Game Capture