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Sooo…I finally bought a PlayStation 3! This past Saturday, I picked up the God of War Ascension Legacy Bundle which includes six God of War games, a really pretty red PS3 system and a free month of PlayStation Plus! Along with that, I snagged a bluray remote, an extra controller, and a bluetooth headset. I also grabbed a copy of Starhawk, which was only $9.99 brand new!

I have since added more games to the collection, having purchased another six or seven games, plus two Japanese imports (via Ebay).

Now, I have been asked why did I pick up a PlayStation 3 when the PlayStation 4 will be out in 8 months? Honestly, I want the PS3 exclusive games and reports are out that the PS4 will not play PS3 games. And I’m a collector and that bug is hard to shake!

Oh, I almost forgot! My PSN ID is xDAMARAMU! Feel free to add me to your friends list!