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Sooo…I finally bought a PlayStation 3! This past Saturday, I picked up the God of War Ascension Legacy Bundle which includes six God of War games, a really pretty red PS3 system and a free month of PlayStation Plus! Along with that, I snagged a bluray remote, an extra controller, and a bluetooth headset. I also grabbed a copy of Starhawk, which was only $9.99 brand new!

I have since added more games to the collection, having purchased another six or seven games, plus two Japanese imports (via Ebay).

Now, I have been asked why did I pick up a PlayStation 3 when the PlayStation 4 will be out in 8 months? Honestly, I want the PS3 exclusive games and reports are out that the PS4 will not play PS3 games. And I’m a collector and that bug is hard to shake!

Oh, I almost forgot! My PSN ID is xDAMARAMU! Feel free to add me to your friends list!

This year’s San Diego Comic Con brings us a new trailer for the eagerly anticipated Street Fighter X Tekken!

4 new characters were announced: Dhalsim, Steve Fox, Yoshimitsu and Poison (from Capcom’s Final Fight series).

Don’t forget, Capcom was teasing Asuka Kazama and Lili as foils for Chun Li and Cammy! Plus Cole MacGrath from inFamous as an exclusive character for the PS3 iteration of the game!

Have a look!